Monday, January 4, 2010

Eating the mysteries of Valencia - Traditional Wine & Fabulous Dining

Meet Santa Companya, I would call this restaurant the Saint of the Palate. 800 wines from around the world, all served by the glass!!!!! This lovely rouge picture is the best garnacha I've ever tasted. Alto Moncayo 2006 is smooth as a baby bottom, great red fruit and vanilla to entice you further.

The owner of Santa Companya won top sommelier of Spain, so he knows how to treat a wine lover right.
Truly great, crisp albarino from Pazo Pineiro de Lusco.

The highlights of the menu were a satisfying pumpkin soup with bacon and olive oil.

A desert tomato with tuna and, of course, olive oil.

A savory dish of seafood laden paella.

Tempura battered scallops with basil oil.

Santa Companya
Roteros, 21
El Carme Region of Valencia, Spain
Tel 96 392 22 59

5/5 Valencia, mouth watering

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