Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blether about great Indian food in London?

Brits are always blethering about the amazing Indian food in London. I am unconvinced as of yet, but I would love to be proved wrong! I've been to a few recommended spots and have been extremely underwhelmed. The last spot was an out of the way sit down spot called Templebar, the several dishes we tried were strangely sweet, not in a good way. Please, I'm begging you to comment at the bottom with some good to retardedly amazing Indian in London that I can try on my way back home.

Please help.
2/5 London... working it's way downward.

Shout out if you love Cheese, London!

If you are a foodie looking for a cheese shop in London... Neal's Yard Dairy!! I almost peed my pants the moment I walked into the shop. Gorgeous rounds of cheese peering at me from every corner. Drop by for a tasting(near Boroughs Market), pick a few cheeses, grab a baguette and some British or Spanish quince paste and your golden for a picnic lunch.

We had some Isle of Mull cheddar and some Dorstone unpasturized soft goat cheese with Spanish quince paste. Dreamy.

5/5 LONDON... how you have grown!

London Pubs of Note:

1. Cittie of Yorke Tavern - serves excellent cask ale
2. A Cyder at Ship Tavern - very cozy, out of the way pub.
3. The Cove in Covent Garden, good pasties and people watching

Swallow EATS London - Pasties 'n Cyder

Fabulous cider and puff pastry are what made an impression on me in London. From pasties to steak & mushroom pie; flaky, impossibly thick chunks of buttery pastry nestled on my fork. Serious lack of the veg, also, made an impression on me. The potato rules in these parts which isn't bad, but I find that filling yourself with too much of our yellow friend likens itself to packing a canon. Cider cuts the heaviness of British food well. I found it wise to have a glass always in hand.

Visit - The Cove in Covent Garden, really nice pub for tourist watching, yummy cider too.

3/5 for London so far..