Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blether about great Indian food in London?

Brits are always blethering about the amazing Indian food in London. I am unconvinced as of yet, but I would love to be proved wrong! I've been to a few recommended spots and have been extremely underwhelmed. The last spot was an out of the way sit down spot called Templebar, the several dishes we tried were strangely sweet, not in a good way. Please, I'm begging you to comment at the bottom with some good to retardedly amazing Indian in London that I can try on my way back home.

Please help.
2/5 London... working it's way downward.


  1. What??? You are in London?!? Why didn't you tell us!!!?
    You should try the Masala Zone in Soho at 9 marshall street. It is affordable. There is a nice one around Baker street. But I can't remember the name. And supposedly Veeraswamy around Piccadilly is supposed to be alright, too...

  2. Check out Tayyabs in White Chapel... sort of cheating as it's Pakistani food, but when we were there (spring 2008) it was really good and cheap too!

    Be willing to eat a lot of meat and bring your own booze. It's loud and busy so don't plan on a slow-paced romantic evening.

    83-89 Fieldgate St, Tower Hamlets. Really close to the White Chapel station.