Thursday, November 12, 2009

Edinburgh...foodie capital of Britain?

Food n Booze in Edinburgh includes excellent cheese shops, sad but tasty piggies and amazing scotch tasting rooms! In general, I had some really great (foodie-centric) nights out in this crazy town. Excellent other eateries included a turkish restaurant with cozy atmosphere and great live music called Templebar(must recheck the name I was a bit drunk this time) and an elegant French restaurant called the Iris served a mouth watering pork tenderloin with grilled fennel. The 'chip butty' thing didn't appeal to me though. Who wants a shitty burger bun, stuffed with starchy fries covered in 'brown sauce' ie. gravy unless you are super wasted (which I wasn't).

4/5 for Edinburgh. It´s restaurants are fabulous but it´s local cuisine is lacking seriously, except for the scotch.

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